22 Sep 2016

we have moved all future posts to the 'thepaganvegan'

In the pursuit of further healing and in light of some controversial nutritional journal findings this year I have gone from the normal gluten free, ovo lacto diet I usually follow to nearly fully raw vegan. I cannot participate in the animal abuse I numbed myself too 'due to being taught it was essential in academia'

Then there is the further healing I need from the road attack I sustained in 2012, by the Muslim driver 'Abrahim belay'. Plus healing from the legal, police, medico and TAC run around I received for four years after which in all made the injuries worse with refusal to properly investigate and charge the driver 'for anything' due to being Muslim.

I have been vegetarian before in my early yoga instructor days but went back to meat eating, mainly due to becoming a 'specialist in performance nutrition'. I am thankful for allot of the education but am ashamed of the practice in which meat, dairy even grain industry having influence via funding to what we are taught to give in recommendations.

In a world where we find our waters are fluoridated (actually a pharmaceutical grade medication which is illegal to administer without a doctors prescription) our foods are stealthy genetically modified (GMO) altered growth through pesticide & chemical exposure and society being governed to be apathetic to attacks on 'goodness' to include forced globalism and cult 'unnatural' religion acceptance which both actually destroy the beautiful multi cultural diversity I love and patriotism - it is important now more than ever to claim back what is good, heal, strengthen, fight back & say no!

I hope this new site inspires you and I cannot express how much healing and positive change I have gone through since going back to vegan. I'm not body building at the moment for I'm still tweaking dietary ranges/going through new research papers & focusing fully on the healing..

My best (personal) advice to improve/start?

  • Get rid of all plastics/avoid thermo paper (receipt paper) non stick surfaces (BPAs mess hormones and BPA free still has fluoride)
  • Switch toothpaste for non fluoride and use ccnt oil pulling as a mouth wash (fluoride causes dental flurosis, destroys and or hampers your ability to be acute/critically think, leaves you more prone to cancer and infertility - a by product of the aluminium industry our tax payer dollar pays for which is illegal to pour into the ocean for it is graded as a poison - question why it is poured into our drinking water ways and why we are paying for it)
  • filter fluoride out of the water
  • go gluten free of course
  • Start having a big raw fruit or veg bowl a day
  • watch a animal rights doco (if you can - I simply cant do it)
  • do not get vaccines or flu shots
  • when ready to transition to vegan - simply swap for vegan options at first
  • adjust and refine as you go

... keep track of this way of life that will reward you more than you know :) at the pagan vegan, xxx blessed be